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kin community about us

Who is Kin?

We are all Kin.


We are here to enjoy ourselves, chase our dreams, and do something good along the way. Kin is about developing great relationships and living a fun balanced life, whilst being conscious of your impact.


We are here to help you live this life. Come and go as you please and spend more time chasing your passions. We’ll give you the fun designer pad and easy flexible terms.


Come and join the crew, cause if you look back far enough we are all Kin

Our Kin

The crew responsible for Kin and its community.

Our Values

We want to address big city issues like social isolation, housing shortages, fostering innovation and sustainable living all while ensuring our Kin members live and extraordinary life.

Mutual Respect

We are open to all perspectives, backgrounds, and realise people will have varying interests and perspectives and that is okay, we stay open-minded.


We contribute by being nonjudgmental, staying curious and contributing when and where we can knowing we will receive the same in turn.

Sustainable Living

We aim to minimise waste and maximise space and utilities. We support local businesses and projects for good, giving back to the community where we can.